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Bilodeau Property Management, Inc.
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Along with apartment management, Bilodeau maintains and manages several parking lots within the East Side, East Providence and North Providence. Most of these parking lots are used in association within the rental of a Bilodeau managed property, but we may also have parking spaces available to non-residents at a monthly cost.

We have monthly parking spaces available on the East Side in these general areas:

  • Hope and Power Streets
  • Waterman and Cooke Streets
  • Angell and Cooks Streets
  • Wayland Square-many lots

The spaces are numbered, assigned, and permitted. The lots are not staffed but are managed, including provisions for usage and maintenance. We have garages at some locations. Please contact us by telephone at 831-5995 ext. 719, or use the Contact Us link above.

For Non-Residents:

Please call us at 831-5995 ext. 719 to learn about our current availability and pricing. Parking agreements require a two month minimum contract with first and last month's rent due at signing, and 30 days written vacate notice to terminate agreement.

For Residents:

Most parking is assigned to new tenants upon move-in. Most apartments will include one parking space per leased apartment, with the option to rent a second space at an additional cost, limited to availability. Please ask your rental agent for information on the parking availability, costs and other valuable parking information.

Spaces in the lots are assigned to tenants and signage indicates that permits are required. In assigned lots, a permit must always be displayed on a parked vehicle. Vehicles without permits are subject to towing, without notice, at the vehicle owner's expense. In addition there may be a $35.00 per day fine for illegal parking and/or other parking infractions.

Due to the high demand for off-street parking, guest parking is not available unless areas have been designated as "Visitor Parking."


  1. Temporarily park on the street. Do not park in someone else's space or block the driveway, as you may be subject to parking fines and towing fees.

  2. CALL our office at 831-5995 (during business hours) or 888-432-0169 (after hours) and provide us with your name, a contact number to reach you immediately, the location of your lot and parking space location or number, and a description of the vehicle in your space (or the permit number, if there is one).

  • Return your call and recommend a temporary parking space for you;
  • Visit the site to verify the identity of the vehicle;
  • Order the tow of any vehicle without a permit;
  • During office hours, attempt to contact the owner of vehicle with permit which is parked illegally, before ordering a tow.